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For more than a decade, RnD Consulting has been helping businesses identify, capture and defend the research & development (“R&D”) tax credits they are eligible for. Our exclusive focus on R&D has allowed us to develop unrivaled expertise that we deliver to our clients. R&D is all we do, and we do it well.


Our People


The business was founded in 2004 by Brian Halminiak, a tax CPA, and Robert Singer, an operations engineer. Their very different backgrounds came together to provide both sides of what is needed for successful R&D consulting. Every employee since is either a CPA or engineer and has at least 25 years of experience in their field.  There has been no turnover of employees in over 10 years so the expert who works on your project will be around to defend it.


Our Approach


After building a national R&D practice at a top-5 national accounting firm, our founders decided to start RnD Consulting, Inc. in 2004 in order to build a practice more focused on providing superior client-centric service based on the following principles:


  • RnD Consulting will only employ subject-matter experts, no inexperienced staff positions.

  • Both of the Principals will work on every client’s project.

  • Offer success-based fees that hold us accountable for our results.

  • Leave the client with the R&D methodology so they can use it themselves after project is over.

  • Provide no-charge audit defense that shows that we stand behind our work.




We strive to be the go-to providers for R&D credits. With clients, we take care of everything needed to collect, build and support their methodology. For advisors, we are the subject-matter expert that can share our knowledge and experience to help guide their client to the most beneficial path short-term and long-term. That’s why we get so many repeat clients and referrals from advisors.

About RnD Consulting

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