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Tax credit consultants are available now
Our consultants are available to answer your questions right now. Whether you call or use the form to send an email, we are ready to chat!
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We only provide R&D consulting services. Years ago we decided it would be in the best interest of our clients  to practice exclusively in the r&d credit consulting area. Unlike other consulting groups & accounting firms we do not attempt to be all things to all clients. We believe this provides the greatest value to our clients in return for the fees they pay for our expertise, knowledge & proprietary processes.


  • We have the most flexible payment terms in the industry allowing clients to defer paying our fees until they use their credits to reduce income tax liabilities. If you are unable to ever use your credits, you pay us nothing.


  • Unlimited audit defense is included in our standard-terms fee providing you access to our proprietary audit defense strategy and audit implementation tools.


  • From the over 3000 returns with our work on them, none of our clients have had their credits disallowed during review.  None.


  • We use an r&d engineering expert & operations engineer, each with over 27 years of experience, on every project – most firms do not use any engineering expertise and if they do it is in an off-site advisory role.


  • All projects include on-site observations and interviews by partner-level engineers – other firms routinely implement projects over the phone or by only having salespeople on-site.


  • We have had no turnover in over ten years so the same project team that implements your project is there to defend it – other firms use your project as a training experience for junior staff and, even worse, have very high turnover. 


  • Clients & their advisors have direct access to RnD principals. They do not hide behind sales/marketing personnel. Issues, concerns & questions are addressed & resolved in minutes not days or weeks.


  • Net of tax effect, our clients retain approximately 80% of the cash flow benefit generated by the credit.


  • We give you a toolkit (CD-ROM) containing an electronic version of the project work papers and calculation tools at the end of the project so that you can compute your credit for the next 5, 10, 20+ years and not have to pay someone a fee for doing it for you – Other firms want you to hire them year after year to help you with the computation, so they only release limited summary calculations.

How are R&D tax credits different with us?

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