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We develop a customized r&d methodology for every client that takes into account the nature of their business activities and costs, the regulations that guide qualification and the many court cases that clarify and shape the interpretation of the regulations. 


The following is an overview of the steps we take in developing your custom methodology and what each may mean to you:


Analysis of business activities >> Is my business a good candidate?


On-site observations and interviews >> Who and what should I focus on?


Identification of qualifying projects >> Of everything that goes on here, what projects can I include?


Identification of qualifying expenditures >> Of all my costs, what can be included for R&D?


Allocations of time and costs >> Do I use entire cost or just a portion of it?


Development of base period strategy >> What’s the best method to use and why?


Supporting documentation >> Can I support my methodology with existing documentation?


Development of current year strategy >> How do I get the largest, defendable benefit and not limit myself in future years?


Supporting documentation for current year’s r&d methodology >> Can I establish nexus between all the elements of qualifying activities?


Electronic tools for future year’s r&d methodology >> Great results, how can I do this again next year?


Investigation of benefit from state credits >> Are there state credits, too?


Investigation of benefit and risks for other open years >> Have I been missing this in prior years?


Deliverable >> Thanks, what a pretty binder.

Methodology | Our Process

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