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Increase your cash flow by reducing your tax liability.


Chances are you're sitting on a lot of unclaimed cash in the form of research and development ('R&D') tax credits. 


RnD Consulting, Inc. is an organization that assists business owners in recovering money lost from not claiming R&D tax credits. We are experts at identifying qualified R&D activities and costs. 


If you have any of the following activities, you have R&D tax credits:


  • Designing, developing or formulating new/improved products

  • Developing production processes or tooling

  • Pursuing process improvements

  • Assisting customers with technical problem-solving

  • Designing and constructing tooling or fixtures

  • Developing software for internal use or for sale to customers

  • Applying for patents


While others merely provide a computational exercise guided by standardized tax forms and instructions focusing on your 'claimable credit', we focus on achieving the largest, defendable credit.


Our focus is on your retainable credit.


Our approach digs much deeper into the fundamentals of your business activities - incorporating operations, engineering, financial and tax expertise resulting in more credits and enhanced documentation necessary to support your activities, costs & credit results. 


We do not compete for your accounting work . . . we only do R&D consulting.


High Value, Low Risk


We perform the Study on a value-added basis 

We first perform a no-risk Assessment to determine if your R&D activities will yield a meaningful benefit. If the Assessment does not suggest an R&D credit benefit for the study period, the effort will be terminated with no cost to you.


Study Results


The deliverable from our Study includes information supporting -


  • Process of Experimentation Mapping

  • Employee Nexus to R&D Activities

  • Qualifying Product, Process & Software Activities

  • Qualifying Wage Costs

  • Qualifying Non-Wage Costs

  • Qualifying Contractor Costs

  • Base Year Analysis

  • Contemporaneous Documentation Mapping


Our experience, approach and methodology will not only identify the most credits you are eligible to claim - more importantly, it will ensure that you retain them.

About R&D Tax Credits

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